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in person in Savannah, GA


First, I want to say that I am glad you are taking the step to research my page, and see if I may be of service to you. My approach when working with couples is based primarily on the EFT model. EFT stands for Emotionally Focused Therapy and is a proven method for helping couples to learn about the underlying emotions that are driving conflict and preventing closeness. My job is not to choose sides and decide who is right or wrong because in most cases, no one partner is right, nor is one party completely wrong. My job is to help you navigate the negative cycles that develop even in the most loving of couples.

In addition, I am a fan of John Gottman and his many years of studying couples. I use some of his techniques as well in session. He has many great very readable books, if you are looking for somewhere to start on your own.

I do not tell you how many sessions you need to attend, or how frequently you should attend therapy. I prefer for us all to meet together and to see if we are a good fit and come up with a plan together based on your preferences. I also understand that time and cost are major factors in your decision to attend therapy. Couples Sessions are booked in 1 hour time blocks and are $110 for the hour. I do not take insurance for couples therapy, as most of the time, couples therapy is not covered due to insurance requiring a mental health diagnosis to justify treatment.

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