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About Me


Harmony Counseling Services has relocated from Eaton, OH to Savannah, Georgia!  


SO....beyond my credentials and experience, here is where you get a feel for who I actually am...I am originally from Clermont County, Ohio east of Cincinnati, a very small town with one stop light, one grocery store, and one pizza place. I lived in a trailer, and then we upgraded to a double wide, and later, my parents built a nice home on our farmland, but by that time, I was pretty much out of the house.  I have moved around a bit through the years, and am so very happy to have landed in Savannah, GA! I always tell my clients that I am the "people's counselor."  What I mean by that is that I am just like you.  I have failed more times than I have succeeded, especially in relationships. I didn't come from money; I don't have much now, but I have lived a colorful life, and to me, there is some value in that!  

I have been married more than one time.  I have no judgement of you or your situation that leads you to my office.  I have probably either experienced it first hand, or I have heard something similar in the years of getting to work with people and couples.  I have a pretty cool job! 

My goal is just to help you figure out the crap of life and how you got to be in the place where you are at now, and how to we get out of this ditch and onto smoother ground.  You deserve happiness and fulfillment.  We all do.  

I try to be kind, but I am also honest, and give it to you straight as I see it, and you should do the same.  My office is a safe place where you are free to be you, speak how you speak, dress comfortably, and bring a snack (I like chocolate) if you like!  You are welcome to take what helps, and leave the rest.  There is never any pressure to schedule or commit to coming to therapy after a session. I like you to determine what you want, what you can fit in your schedule, and what you can afford.  I am not selling used cars, this is your life.  I do hope you find therapy with me useful and I am happy to see you for as long as you prefer, but it is never due to pressure or expectations from me.  

I am able to provide telehelath/virtual sessions to those in Ohio, Indiana, and Georgia. However,  I love seeing clients in person, especially couples, and have an office in Central Park in Savannah, Georgia.  


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